McDougall Insurance

This week I am featuring the Mc Dougall Insurance and Financial Facebook page. Recently I heard a radio advertisement for a community initiative contest sponsored by Mc Dougall via their Facebook page.!/pages/McDougall-Insurance-Financial/183468448361835 is their page for this contest. The idea is basically a $5,000 prize for a local community project or initiative. Mc Dougall uses this page for two main reasons, self- promotion and goodwill.

            Extremely cost effective promotion of their company by using Facebook. Create a page that offers a contest supporting the community but at the same time putting your name front and center, all for a mere $5,000. The prize is not huge by Kraft standards but then again McDougall Insurance is not Kraft and there are many small local groups that would welcome a cheque for that amount. A much larger insurance company Aviva does the same contest yearly and generates an enormous amount of publicity and support. This is all free advertising except for the prize, which is insignificant compared to the media exposure. For two years straight Trenton track quest was in the news because of the Aviva contest. Mc Dougall insurance, with their face book page is trying to do the same thing and even though it is new it is already getting a reaction from small groups.

            The page is trying to foster a sense of community through this contest and there are already a number of comments from groups that would otherwise be unknown. Groups such as The Edith Fox Life and Loss Centre in Northport. A group such as this would surely benefit from the prize money being offered. The page is not about insurance but rather a game to help others. In the process of this goodwill gesture, they have people checking back in on the site to see what is happening with the contest and every time seeing the McDougall name attached.

            The McDougall Facebook page is on the right track from a business and social point of view. They are keeping their profile front and center while trying to do good for the community. I am, however, reminded of a phrase I learned 28 years ago in the Loyalist advertising program. If you want to be successful in business you have to do what the Big Boys do. McDougall Insurance is not Kraft or Aviva, but that does not mean they cannot employ the same tactics used by these two corporations. The Facebook page they have would probably generate even more interest if Ross were to pony up another 5K. I am sure a prize of $10,000 from them would create more media hype and a lot more interest in his Facebook page and company.



What’s Cooking with Kraft

     The Kraft Canada web/twitter site,, seemed to be an appropriate choice to look at today. I live in Stirling aka Kraft Hockeyville and tody is the big day for celebrating. The celebrations include sampling many different Kraft products. The Kraft web site, is filled full of recipes using their products. They cover everything from appetizers to full meals and desserts/treats. Their twitter is a very active community.

     An  interactive community with exchanges not only from users but from the company as well. The immediate feedback the company is getting from consumers is invaluable from a business point of view. They combine their recipes and products on the web site with feedback from twitter to create a constantly evolving source of information. The information they gather can then be used for either new recipes or improved products. They are able to gage what people are liking and what does not seem to be getting much attention. Krafts’s use of twitter shows they are market savvy and very in touch with their customer.

     Twitter is definetly a useful tool for the company. Engaging the consumer to commet on the many varied uses of your product is a source of invaluable information. Kraft obviously knows how to market their many products. Hockeyville, where everywhere you look the is either a Kraft sign or product. However, Hockeyville is relatively fleeting and their twitter feed lives on everyday generating information and opinions. Well done Kraft!  


     A multinational company that designs, manufactures and sells networking equipment. Established in 1984 Cisco was one of the first to sell routers commercially. this provide d the opportunity to capyure the servic provider market. In the mid 1990’s they bought afew companies which gave them ethernet technolgy. This helped them ride the internet wave to become the most sucessful dot com compaany in 2000 with amarket value of $500 billion.

     Entering the Cixco wed page you are presented with video choices giving qick and easy acces to innovations and news. As you scroll down  a directory appears. Blogs are listed under the news andalerts category. Entering the blog you are presented with another directory  form which you can choos a specific topic or region. I chose the Canada blog under regions.

     The Canada blog  first presents pictures of the current bloggers ( 20 at this time) clicking on the picture gives you the information about that person. You also have the most recent post, which in this case is of great int interest to students of this program. Posted September 21, it tells  about how Cico is actively recruiting graduates of engeering and business and not necessarily unversity grads.

      This is avery organized,structured and easy to navigate blog. The directory is detailed and very speciific for ease of use.The plerhora of bloggers gives avariety of posts and information. Postings seem to be primarily from company people but with over 66 thousnd employees this is understandable.


Social Media a Brand New World by Andy DeVries

This year in college I am being introduced to a brand new world, the social media world. I have to admit it is not brand new to me as I try to stay somewhat current with technolgy and with teo young adults at home you pretty much have no choice. The brand new for me is to actually use it, Facebook aside, I have no exposure or experience with social media. I have a Facebook account and use it rarely because to me it is trivial. However, entering the business course I do understand the importance of these electronic tools for communicating and networking. The world has changed and if I do not evolve with it I will be as useful as the Edsel was to the Ford motor company.

The importance of social media came clear to me with the election of Barrack Obama in 2008 and the arab spring this past year. This a form of communication yo be reckoned with and eventhough I am old school the world is changing. I still prefer personal contact  but can see the advantages of technolgy  such as blogging, Facebook, email and Skype. I believe all this technology makes the world not only smaller but more impersonal.

For well over twenty years I was an equipment operater and labouer, now because of vision issues I have to take a new path. The whole social media world is still new to me but just in the last week I have learned it is not as daunting a task as I had feared. Technology to me me is a tool just like a tractor or a shovel and I will learn how to use this tool effectively.