Over the period of this semester I have learned a lot about social media. I never dreamed there were so many avenues for people to interact with no form of physical contact. At the beginning of this course I thought of social media as a tool and that has not changed. I see no need for smart phones and Bluetooth devices becoming a new appendage to the human body. Every day there news stories about obesity, smoking and other cancer causing health concerns. I would suggest you look down the road when carpal tunnel is a major health issue. When this generation cannot do fine motor skill tasks because of years of texting. I believe there is a balance and the business world is a fine example. Business uses social media as a tool to make money not waste time. As a woodworker I can appreciate this approach. In my shop I have many tools, but I do not use them all the time. I see social media in the same way it is there to use when I need it for a purpose. I do not carry a 9/16 wrench all day because I have one, I use when needed. I have a room filled with tools as does social media, let us take a lesson from business and use social media as tool and not a replacement for actual human interaction.


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