QR Codes


This proposal is to introduce a way for Extreme Promotional Materials to grow. The company has an opportunity to grow laterally as well as moving forward. A solid base already exists but can be enhanced by new ventures and partnerships. There is increased use of social media in the world and there are growth opportunities linked with the use of QR codes, YouTube and Facebook. Lateral growth can be achieved by expanding into areas such as social events and forward growth by applying social media tools to existing accounts.


To enable people to interact and communicate using traditional as well as new age media.

New Markets

Many vineyards and craft brewers are supplying local events such as festivals, weddings and anniversaries. These independents create their own brand labels and would probably be interested in making them more effective. Simply taking the label and adding a QR code to it would certainly create more traffic to their web pages. Event planners could have promotional material made including a QR. A wedding for example could have custom made labels for their wine and keepsake glasses. This custom work would have an individual QR for that couple. Scanning it would lead to a web or Facebook page with a video thanking the guest for attending. Guests would be encouraged to post comments or pictures on this site. Extreme Promotional Materials could expand their market by forming alliances with the independent brewers, vintners, event planners and creating new QR labels and products.

Target Audience

Smart phone users are growing every day and they are using them to speed up their information gathering. Current and future users would be the target, they want all the information at their fingertips and the easier it is the more likely they are to indulge. Secondly, brewers, vintners and event planners need to be sold on the value of this way of labelling. They need to understand that by creating QR they can generate more interest and a more knowledgeable consumer through information communication.

QR Code

QR or quick response is way social media connects information through the use of a smart phone. The code itself looks like a bunch of squiggly lines in a square but it is a powerful tool. It serves as a portal to the web and any other links the creator desires. The QR is doing to marketing what the micro-chip did to computers.


The company would create QR’s for its best customers as an add-on to existing materials educate them on the need for it. Secondly, local brewers, vintners and event planners would be be approached as well. It would have to be an educational approach until client’s se increased interest on their social media sites. When that occurs, Extreme Promotional Materials will have established itself as a leader in interactive communication and promotion through the use of QR codes.



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