The way it stands right now, my digital footprint, is miniscule. The fact that I am not a regular user is probably the reason. The dots are all there, just some are connected and others not. To improve my brand I need to utilize the network more often and scrutinize the consistency while providing new, fresh and relevant information. Having not spent much time using social media, foundation building should be relatively crack free.

The foundation starts with registering my domain so as to create a web site for possible future use. Systematically I would review profile information on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and WordPress for consistency. All profiles would be updated and edited for uniformity. Facebook would be a little different by using my personal picture for a profile. By doing this I feel a warmer more personal touch is more effective in encouraging visits to eg: my blog or web page. All other avenues would remain very professional and clear of questionable pictures, photos or opinions.

I believe by owning my domain, connecting all other avenues with the same consistency and putting a personal touch to it, a good foundation can be built. The foundations in place my foot can grow while promote my brand through more frequent blogs, tweets and Facebook postings. If I can encourage more people to visit then the potential to grow bigger is very real and I could make it to at least page 4 of Google.


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