Change is a Constant

Four years ago the American people voted for change.  This Tuesday they will be presented with the same scenario, Republican or Democratic leadership. Change is a constant and unavoidable. The individual can try but if business does not embrace change they will surely follow the Dodo bird. Mashable, Social Media Explore and Tech Crunch are all helping business to stay current and embrace change. Each site offers a wealth of opinion and information to stay current with new ideas and technology application. I found Mashable  to be reminiscent of a newspaper by having sections such as Business and Lifestyle. Social Media Explorer and Tech Crunch were forums with Tech Crunch appearing to be the most current. Each site had much to offer that can benefit business.  offered up an article on Google calendar, November 3, 2012 by Dani Fankhauser, 8 Hacks to Make Google Calendar more Useful. Business can be so fast paced and today people are stretched for time. This contributor shows how to utilize Google Calendar to organize your life. More than an electronic day planner will help with budgets, project management and employee scheduling. A good article on maximizing your portable devices potential.  delves into attitudes with a contribution from Ilana Rabinowitz ·October 26, 2012. Becoming A Social Business Isn’t Just For Social Media has a definite McCluhan (Marshall) influence by using the idea of being more tribal. The writer compares organizations to being a community (or tribe) and the need for effective communication. The general idea being, in order to grow organizations have to embrace social media which is the vehicle for change. Success is achieved through the attitude taken towards technology. The strong organization embraces the new ideas and grows with them.


Quick, Tie The Rafts Together

                        Devin Coldewey

posted yesterday

            I found this on and found his analogy of the merger of major publishing houses to be quite astute. The story of the Medusa is brutal and socially sickening, but, applied to business is quite relevant. He points out that the only way publishers will survive will be by accepting the new electronic reality and work together for self-preservation. A somewhat frightening image, the Medusa shows15 of 147 survivors after being set adrift on a raft. Survival entailed pushing some overboard and cannibalizing others. The point he makes is for business to survive sometimes you have to do the objectionable. Definitely a different perspective from this Tech Crunch contributor.

Unlike predetermined elections, change for business is constant. The articles examined show that by using these sites business can embrace and learn about change from others. Maximizing your time with Google Calendar, learning better communication skills and being reminded that it is not always pretty, are all tools to help business stay current. Information is knowledge and these three sites provide business with a resource to manage the constant change.


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