catch a wave Stirling

This week I really had to be a Beach Boy. Even though they have all turned 70, I’m sure Brian, Mike and the rest of the Boys are in tune with social media. So I flipped open my cyber board and hit the surf looking for waves of information on things like QR codes and Podcasting. My wife spotted the zipper before I did, and it was Via Rail. We have been utilizing the train to travel quite a bit lately and when I told her about this assignment she said, “I saw those at the station”. They and the City of London are using QR’s to save and promote their respective business and community. Using their example I will endeavour to shoot the curl and apply QR codes as well as podcasting to the local branding of the Village of Stirling.

Via rail is now using QR’s to not only speed up service but streamline operational costs, ie: reducing station attendants hours of work.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Passengers now receive an email confirming their Corridor booking along with their electronic boarding pass, issued with a QR code. All they have to do is print the boarding pass or display it on the screen of their smartphone to have it scanned on board. .

London has also joined Via in the use of the QR by way of a mural at the station.

Commissioning Dusty Peas (Jamie Q and James Kirkpatrick), Moving Everything Everywhere All The Time 2012 is a mural that demonstrates London’s creative energy and invites VIA passengers to connect with London with their smart phones by a QR code and mobile landing page.

“London has a strong local community that is connected globally. Everyday our business and community leaders create innovations that impact the global market. This piece helps us tell that story while showcase London’s creative talent,” states Kadie Ward, Director, Marketing and Communication, The London Economic Development Corporation.

Recently, Stirling had a series of meetings on how to grow and improve. contains the report summarizing citizen’s suggestions including the use of the web site. The idea of using a QR would surely be beneficial and complimentary to the existing web page. They are already linking to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, so adding a QR and a podcast seems like a natural progression. Every business and community organization would display a QR prominently. This would enable linking to the specific location as well as the Stirling site. This would help businesses and organizations to mutually promote the village and their self. A QR would be put on every piece of promotional material, business card, village vehicle and sign. If you use a smart phone it is almost impossible to not connect with Stirling/Rawdon. This is where a podcast would be effective for promotion. By creating a podcast highlighting events and business, Stirling could reach out to tour operators, tourists and the general population. has a very comprehensive podcast site. Anything they report or have opinions on is categorized and easy to access. Stirling could do the same, making it not only the village with a big heart but the information village.

Stirling does have a lot of heart and plenty to offer. Adding a QR and podcast campaign to their information highway could only make them better. Such an endeavor would surely create abuzz as people capture QR’s to see what that business or organization is doing. Listening to the radio or checking the paper for upcoming events and attractions could be a thing of the past with the click of a phone. Summer may not be endless but I believe if Stirling were to catch this wave, everyone would have fun,fun,fun.


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