Online video is an effective way to promote a business especially when used in conjunction with a complete social media marketing package. A strong web site that promotes linking to other avenues such as Facebook, blogs and Twitter is essential. Petpawsitive would use such a method. Online video contained on their web site, as well as the previously mentioned venues. Information, instructional and community videos would highlight the company’s activities and promote their products and services. They will be very conversational and designed to give enough information that the user feels good but wants more (not unlike a movie trailer). As with many user friendly sites, you would be presented with a large video image of the Petpawsitive introduction, with all other choices lined up under it.

This introductory video would give the user an overview of Petpawsitive. This would be done by having various employees from both Belleville and Kingston explaining what their role is and how they can help you. This would include site tours by retail staff of both locations. The idea being welcome to our home and we want you to feel comfortable. Petpawsitives’ mission statement, history and ideology are all presented in this video. This is intended to help the user understand who Petpawsitive is and what they stand for. A pet would always be in the scene with the employee. This type of video will helpful when a person visits either location and feels at home because one or two staff is easily identifiable. All videos will be kept to approximately three minutes or less in order to maintain attention.  

A separate video of trainers telling about the approach to behavioral training and psychology will be found directly below the introduction for ease of navigation. This will be joined by other videos specific to their area of expertise. Nutritional information and community partners are examples. The trainers would encourage viewers to visit their weekly blog where a new training video tip is shared and questions are answered.  Also, users will be reminded they can check the monthly calendar on Facebook for special workshops or class information.

The nutritional video would feature a retail clerk and a representative from the supplier of the natural/holistic food sold by Petpawsitive. The whole natural concept could be put forward and why they believe it is better for your pet. The clerk would address price points encourage visiting a weekly blog where questions on nutrition are answered. They would also invite you to follow on Twitter for daily, weekly or monthly specials.

The community partners would be two separate videos. The first would show a staffer working with members of the Humane Society and encourage the user to go to Facebook and Twitter for pictures of pets needing homes or have been lost and found. This invitation promotes the concept of community by be actively involved with the Petpawsitive family. The other community video would feature clips submitted by groups such as the Fly Ball Dogs or local pet shows and then compile them together. While watching the clips you will be reminded to check the Petpawsitive site for the monthly calendar of events. The user would also be directed to links for the various groups.

Petpawsitive is no doubt targeting pet owners in the 40-7o+ demographic. Families with pets and seniors with companions, in each case a family member that needs care. The use of video in all of their social media Petpawsitive will be able have an easy to use and informative web package. The videos do not only inform but they engage the user by linking to blogs, Facebook and Twitter and inviting the use to become part of the whole Petpawsitive family. The regular blogs and events schedule, the Twitter chat and Facebook with lost and found pets, will keep them coming back for more. If they coming back for more on the web you can be sure they’ll visit the store and that’s what it is all about, the money.



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