McDougall Insurance

This week I am featuring the Mc Dougall Insurance and Financial Facebook page. Recently I heard a radio advertisement for a community initiative contest sponsored by Mc Dougall via their Facebook page.!/pages/McDougall-Insurance-Financial/183468448361835 is their page for this contest. The idea is basically a $5,000 prize for a local community project or initiative. Mc Dougall uses this page for two main reasons, self- promotion and goodwill.

            Extremely cost effective promotion of their company by using Facebook. Create a page that offers a contest supporting the community but at the same time putting your name front and center, all for a mere $5,000. The prize is not huge by Kraft standards but then again McDougall Insurance is not Kraft and there are many small local groups that would welcome a cheque for that amount. A much larger insurance company Aviva does the same contest yearly and generates an enormous amount of publicity and support. This is all free advertising except for the prize, which is insignificant compared to the media exposure. For two years straight Trenton track quest was in the news because of the Aviva contest. Mc Dougall insurance, with their face book page is trying to do the same thing and even though it is new it is already getting a reaction from small groups.

            The page is trying to foster a sense of community through this contest and there are already a number of comments from groups that would otherwise be unknown. Groups such as The Edith Fox Life and Loss Centre in Northport. A group such as this would surely benefit from the prize money being offered. The page is not about insurance but rather a game to help others. In the process of this goodwill gesture, they have people checking back in on the site to see what is happening with the contest and every time seeing the McDougall name attached.

            The McDougall Facebook page is on the right track from a business and social point of view. They are keeping their profile front and center while trying to do good for the community. I am, however, reminded of a phrase I learned 28 years ago in the Loyalist advertising program. If you want to be successful in business you have to do what the Big Boys do. McDougall Insurance is not Kraft or Aviva, but that does not mean they cannot employ the same tactics used by these two corporations. The Facebook page they have would probably generate even more interest if Ross were to pony up another 5K. I am sure a prize of $10,000 from them would create more media hype and a lot more interest in his Facebook page and company.



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