What’s Cooking with Kraft

     The Kraft Canada web/twitter site, http://twitter.com/kraftcanada, seemed to be an appropriate choice to look at today. I live in Stirling aka Kraft Hockeyville and tody is the big day for celebrating. The celebrations include sampling many different Kraft products. The Kraft web site, http://www.kraftcanada.com/en/home.aspx is filled full of recipes using their products. They cover everything from appetizers to full meals and desserts/treats. Their twitter is a very active community.

     An  interactive community with exchanges not only from users but from the company as well. The immediate feedback the company is getting from consumers is invaluable from a business point of view. They combine their recipes and products on the web site with feedback from twitter to create a constantly evolving source of information. The information they gather can then be used for either new recipes or improved products. They are able to gage what people are liking and what does not seem to be getting much attention. Krafts’s use of twitter shows they are market savvy and very in touch with their customer.

     Twitter is definetly a useful tool for the company. Engaging the consumer to commet on the many varied uses of your product is a source of invaluable information. Kraft obviously knows how to market their many products. Hockeyville, where everywhere you look the is either a Kraft sign or product. However, Hockeyville is relatively fleeting and their twitter feed lives on everyday generating information and opinions. Well done Kraft!  


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