A multinational company that designs, manufactures and sells networking equipment. Established in 1984 Cisco was one of the first to sell routers commercially. this provide d the opportunity to capyure the servic provider market. In the mid 1990’s they bought afew companies which gave them ethernet technolgy. This helped them ride the internet wave to become the most sucessful dot com compaany in 2000 with amarket value of $500 billion.

     Entering the Cixco wed page you are presented with video choices giving qick and easy acces to innovations and news. As you scroll down  a directory appears. Blogs are listed under the news andalerts category. Entering the blog you are presented with another directory  form which you can choos a specific topic or region. I chose the Canada blog under regions.

     The Canada blog  first presents pictures of the current bloggers ( 20 at this time) clicking on the picture gives you the information about that person. You also have the most recent post, which in this case is of great int interest to students of this program. Posted September 21, it tells  about how Cico is actively recruiting graduates of engeering and business and not necessarily unversity grads.

      This is avery organized,structured and easy to navigate blog. The directory is detailed and very speciific for ease of use.The plerhora of bloggers gives avariety of posts and information. Postings seem to be primarily from company people but with over 66 thousnd employees this is understandable.



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