Social Media a Brand New World by Andy DeVries

This year in college I am being introduced to a brand new world, the social media world. I have to admit it is not brand new to me as I try to stay somewhat current with technolgy and with teo young adults at home you pretty much have no choice. The brand new for me is to actually use it, Facebook aside, I have no exposure or experience with social media. I have a Facebook account and use it rarely because to me it is trivial. However, entering the business course I do understand the importance of these electronic tools for communicating and networking. The world has changed and if I do not evolve with it I will be as useful as the Edsel was to the Ford motor company.

The importance of social media came clear to me with the election of Barrack Obama in 2008 and the arab spring this past year. This a form of communication yo be reckoned with and eventhough I am old school the world is changing. I still prefer personal contact  but can see the advantages of technolgy  such as blogging, Facebook, email and Skype. I believe all this technology makes the world not only smaller but more impersonal.

For well over twenty years I was an equipment operater and labouer, now because of vision issues I have to take a new path. The whole social media world is still new to me but just in the last week I have learned it is not as daunting a task as I had feared. Technology to me me is a tool just like a tractor or a shovel and I will learn how to use this tool effectively.


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